Off-the Record why is Russia invading Ukraine?

    Why is Russia invading Ukraine

    Russia-Ukraine War why is Russia invading Ukraine?

    It was reported that Ukraine was subjected to its eighth wave of air attacks. Now that we have been in the middle of this war for over a year and have heard a great deal of commentary from world news channels, are we able to determine exactly why Russia opted to enter into war with Ukraine?

    It is unusual for a sudden war between nation-states to have a trigger that seems to make the other nation think it is justified to wage a war.

    There will be a lot of political, diplomatic, and pre-war planning activity happening before the final step of the assault.

    Often there will be a difference between parties in terms of calculation of the strength of the other party to start or continue the war, it looks like this is the primary reason for this war to start and continue this long.

    Another misunderstanding here is “This war is between Russia and Ukraine”

    Looks, it is between USA + NATO + Ukraine and Russia”

    However, you can find reasons for war with an expected end result announced by either of the warring parties or the dominating party.

    Here are some articles and videos that point toward the reasons for the Russia-Ukraine war.

    The real reason Russia invaded Ukraine

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