Sister Wives Spinoff

Sister Wives Spinoff?

By at Feb 13, 2023 • Category christine brown
As you likely know by now, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown working together.
(Taking part in a seemingly shady business, but that’s a story for another day.)
But while the TLC personalities have been teaming up for a while now away from the camera, an insider now claims they may soon join forces together in front of the camera…
… for a Sister Wives spinoff!!!
“They are working on it, that’s for sure. It’s in serious talks and development,” a source has told The Sun of Christine and Janelle getting their own series.
Both women split from spiritual spouse Kody in the last year-plus, with Christine walking away in November 2021 and Janelle doing the same about 13 months later.
Each reality star seems quite satisfied with her decision, too.
The Sun reports that the spinoff would center around “life after polygamy” and “female empowerment,” while adding that some of the children are “on board and all for it.”
Between Christine and Janelle, we’re talking about 12 children!
Christine has talked glowingly about Janelle over the past several months, as the two have continued to vacation together even after the former moved back to Utah.
In a far more recent development, Christine has also started dating someone.
His name is reportedly David Woolley.
“He’s absolutely a dream come true and I’m so excited to show you guys pictures and everything in a little bit,” Christine told followers earlier this week, adding at the time:
“I’m just— ahhh!—so excited.”
As far as we can tell, Janelle is single — but she only broke up with Kody in late 2022.
“There is a conversation that Puddle Monkey Productions would be in development with them based on history and trust, but that’s only a conversation,” The Sun continues in its report, citing the company behind Sister Wives.

“There’s a lot of other people interested,” the source continued.

Puddle Monkey Productions is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, but it could be tricky for it to produce both Janelle and Christine’s show AND Sister Wives, meaning it would also be working with Kody and Robyn.
“The spinoff would be focused on their life with their families, moving on from Kody, dating, and their businesses,” The Sun concludes.
Meanwhile, Sister Wives Season 18 has already started filming.
In a stunning new report, a certain podcast host has claimed that cameras were rolling when Kody and Robyn brought a potential new spouse to Mexico on vacation.
Only for the woman to dump Kody on the spot!
“They were actively seeking this woman through dating websites, which they claim they’ve never done before,” Pauline Bithell, co-host of the Tender Loving Care…? podcast, previously told The Sun.
After spending time with Kody and Robyn, however, the woman allegedly felt “uncomfortable” and “told production she wanted to go home and didn’t want to continue filming.”
“Apparently, my source tells me that this woman wanted zero to do with Kody and Robyn,” Pauline went on.
“She was pretty much wanting to get out of the situation immediately.
“My source said that she was very uncomfortable with the whole situation. She said she didn’t like their energy.”
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