T20 World Cup: India vs Pakistan match analysis

India vs Pakistan match analysis, Pakistan not able to grab the opportunities.

In cricket and life, one proverb always comes true is “Keep Trying success will be yours”

Pakistan has lost many matches in critical situations. Bad luck may be a factor, but lack of skill and temperament are also contributing factors. These qualities come from playing a lot of first-class cricket.

Most of the international teams gone through these kinds of lean phases and come back well later.

We need not discuss scores and individual achievements for this India vs Pakistan match, they will mislead you about the larger picture.

What is the larger picture here? the team which won the match has got players who got more grind in their cricket life.

We’ve discussed the problem. Now let’s talk about the solution. The key is to select players who have been successful in first-class cricket. These players have played many high-quality matches, and they have the skills and temperament to succeed at the international level. Of course, there are a few exceptions, such as fast bowlers and all-rounders. But even these players need time to adjust to the international game.

Now Pakistan has to depend on how other teams play to qualify super 8. don’t you see a pattern here?

The earlier the management resolves these issues, the better it is for Pakistan and world cricket. It is not good for the cricket world to lose a quality team in competitions, as it makes the competitions look less interesting.

India vs Pakistan matches test your nerve and temperament which can only come with lot of practice.

Given the political rivalry India vs Pakistan, the results of these matches trigger some passionate conversations, however passion is alone not sufficient.

Pakistan was eliminated from the T20 World Cup because of rain and their loss of match against USA.

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