Top 10 Real Estate Billionaires of the World

Here are the top 10 real estate billionaires of the world, according to Forbes as of March 8, 2023:

  1. Li Ka-shing (Hong Kong) – $33 billion
  2. Lee Shau-kee (Hong Kong) – $27 billion
  3. Yang Huiyan (China) – $26 billion
  4. Donald Bren (United States) – $17 billion
  5. David and Simon Reuben (United Kingdom) – $16 billion
  6. Stephen Ross (United States) – $15 billion
  7. Sun Hongbin (China) – $14 billion
  8. Jeff Sutton (United States) – $12 billion
  9. Sam Zell (United States) – $11 billion
  10. Leonard Stern (United States) – $10 billion

How they made the fortunes

These billionaires have made their fortunes through a variety of real estate investments, including commercial, residential, and industrial properties. They have also diversified their portfolios into other industries, such as finance, retail, and hospitality.

The real estate industry is a major driver of economic growth around the world. It provides jobs, housing, and commercial space, and it helps to drive investment and innovation. The real estate billionaires on this list have played a significant role in the development of the real estate industry, and they continue to shape the future of the sector.

Top 10 Real estate billionaires
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