Who controls our life really?

Who controls our life really?

The odd question right? What are your immediate thoughts?

Your family? or your job? or your parents?

We will try to gather some more answers. however, all the answers are partially true.

The real answer is your “Subconscious Mind

It is like a big-sized corporate that operates with its own logic.

It has no language, it takes everything literally, a massively parallel computer.

Partially Built by formed habits from childhood, always alert and awake.

Talks to you through dreams.

Hides all your accumulated pain and guilt like a protecting mother.

Logic is not a primary thing to it, only feelings.

Yet we never think about it or are not aware of it most of the time.

Nobody conclusively knows how it operates, one of the mysteries.

The myth “We use only 10% of our Brain” is incorrect and the subconscious mind is proof of that.

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