Why Did Jibri Bell Feud with Ariela? Why Did He Feud with John?

Why Did Jibri Bell Feud with Ariela?

By at Aug 15, 2022 • Category Jibri Bell
We all watched as Jibri Bell picked a fight with everyone on the Season 9 Tell All Part 1.
It was bizarre to watch a larger-than-life but relatively chill dude suddenly picking fights with, well, strangers.
What came over him?
And why did he single out these particular “enemies” from among his castmates?
When Jibri and Miona Bell rolled up to the Tell All, they were of course wearing matching clothes.
Some viewers hate it. Honestly, it’s incredible that they can pull it off.
Their actual outfits for the Tell All itself were a little different (and not matching), but flashy enough to suit their larger-than-life personalities.
On the Tell All stage, Jibri and Miona were not one of the couples expecting a child.
That is just fine and is in fact totally appropriate for their ages and also their finances.
But when Miona acknowledge the “weird energy” from Jibri’s mom, Mahala, Ariela Weinberg had a suggestion.
Ari noted that perhaps Jibri, as Mahala’s son, was the best candidate to resolve the tensions.
Jibri immediately launched an all-out attack on Ariela, declaring that she is “the most jealous” person.
Ariela has acknowledged being jealous in the past. She also noted that it may make her qualified to pick up on jealousies.

When Biniyam shared his good news,

however, Jibri chimed in again over Ari being “realistic.”
Simply put, he declared that she is holding Biniyam back from becoming an MMA superstar.
It’s hard to tell how much was Jibri itching for conflict and how much was him projecting his band dreams onto Bini.
Everyone ended up discussing jealousies and insecurities.
This briefly moved the conversation away from Jibri and his apparent one-sided feud with Miona.
It turned out that Jibri did have some very selective positive opinions about castmates. Bini was one, which makes us assume that Jibri never watched The Other Way.
Another was Mohamed Abdelhamed. He and Yvette Arellano discussed how he has gradually adapted to life with her.
While most condemned Mohamed for controlling behavior, such as police how Yve dresses, Jibri had another view.
He praised Mohamed for “adapting” to his new life and to American culture. Considering what we know about Mohamed, that might not age well.

Then there came John, Patrick Mendes’ brother.

He was first and foremost there to comment on Patrick and Thais Ramone’s life, including their pregnancy. A pregnancy that he had drunkenly leaked to a friend, by the way.
But he very memorably became embroiled in a heated war of words with Jibri.
Jibri asked John if he was “drunk right now.” John admitted to drinking the night before but denied being drunk at the time.
He then referred to Jibri as “spah-kles,” which one assumes means “sparkles,” a nod to his outfit.
“I’m just glad you don’t have that cash-boy hat on,” John told him. Truly, John was the only one who hit back as hard as Jibri came for him.
But … what motivated Jibri to be so combative? In such an over-the-top way?
Well, the best theory is that production asked him to, promising that it would improve his chances of returning for another season.
We know that producers often goad the cast like this. The alternative is that Jibri was just in a weird mood the day that this was filmed. With him, who knows?
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