12 Rules for Healthy life

Rules for Healthy Life

As per Ayurveda and Yoga, below are the rules suggested.

  1. Never eat food till the completion of digestion of earlier eaten food.
  2. Sleep well.
  3. Your living age is determined by your own attitude towards health.
  4. Stress-free life, reduce stress in life.
  5. Chew your food rather than gulping it.
  6. Take a bath daily.
  7. Never take a bath after eating food.
  8. Eat fresh food.
  9. Taste the food of all types(Avoid foods you are allergic or please consult a doctor or nutritionist)
  10. Do not eat full stomach, leave some space.
  11. Find ways to reduce worry in your life.
  12. Eat food consistently at the same time, Do not deviate from your eating schedule.

With Reference to the Video of Dr. Sameer Nandan


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