The trick to doing hard things

The trick to doing hard things

Neuroscientists found that Dopamine is the critical neurotransmitter that triggers the desire to do something.

The slot machine is an example, you will play it expecting rewards and we are motivated to play it for a longer duration.

What is the underlying mechanism with a slot machine which makes us spend more time with it?

Dopamine triggers the motivation to get up and do stuff, however here is the unfortunate part, if the activity is easy and does not require much hard work or applying yourself, then the amount of dopamine is sufficient to keep you motivated to do the easy action repeatedly like watching TV, playing mobile games, checking phone repeatedly. this is the reason most of us spend more time watching TV or checking phones etc…

However, we did not get motivated to read or exercise or do some business work to improve ourselves.

why? the reason is reading, doing exercise, or doing business work does not release enough dopamine to keep you motivated to do these activities for a longer duration.

Now the solution to the question of “Trick to doing hard things”

What is it I need to do to improve my reading, exercise, and personal work?

Slowly reduce the amount of time you are spending on social media, eating junk food, and watching tv.

Now how can I do that? replace the above activities with harder activities for a small amount of duration.

For example, if you are getting an urge to watch tv, replace the activity with exercise or go for a walk.

pay and schedule classes for training on a sports activity or other professional improvement activities so that you deviate yourself.

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