About Failure and Jealousy

Be open-minded about Failure and Jealousy

The evolution of species that we see today is the output of millions or billions of years of failures.

It gives us lessons and more experience.

You fail before you succeed, otherwise, the thrill of success will be less or none.

At times or most of the time, we keep it hidden and feel shy about talking about it,

People praise success, is this really happening? then there should not be a word called jealousy, if there is no jealousy then do we really try to be competitive and improve ourselves? I believe jealousy plays an important role in our childhood and whole life to make us learn more and be competitive, however, a healthy amount of jealousy is ok and not the kind of jealousy that leads us to do bad things.

Individualization of a child happens because of several failed situations the child experiences during growing up.

It is a regular experience in our lives, how many times honestly reflect on it? if we do that more regularly, we will be more guilt-free and light-hearted.

It is not a mistake, however, analyze the causes of it and move ahead.