Essential skills and Expectation

Essential skills to succeed in life

“Expectation” is one word that controls our happiness, often we don’t know what we are expecting for ourselves and others.

Reality and expectation are always different, we do not grasp much of reality and have higher expectations, and then suffer, this applies to relationships, jobs, and children.

Even in the work environment, we often misjudge customer expectations or fail to understand management expectations.

We often get impacted by peer pressure, neighbors, colleagues, and friends and have expectations that do not match our real selves.

With the external stimuli being very high, we get pressured subconsciously every moment.

The moral of the story is to give yourself some time to get clarity of thoughts and do the analysis on your expectations of your future and relationships, then make sure they are realistic, optimism is the key and at the same time, realstic evaluation is important.

Make or Change your plans and convert them into action items and goals and if successful that is fine else repeat, Action is more important than inaction.

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