AI Pin Communicator from Humane for $699

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Humane AI Pin

AI Pin Communicator from Humane

Humane announced that it will start taking orders for its AI Pin Communicator, priced at $699.

The device, which is designed to replace the smartphone, won’t start shipping until early next year.

The AI Pin Communicator is an AI-powered wearable device that aims to revolutionize the way people interact with their devices.

It’s designed as a wearable, typically positioned over the heart area.

Watch the demo of the HUmane AI Pin Communicator

The device’s physical appearance resembles the narrow yet bulky communicator badge seen in Star Trek.

AI Pin from Humane

It incorporates intelligent technology and utilizes a variety of sensors to facilitate contextual and ambient compute interactions.

Humane is working with Qualcomm to power the AI Pin with a Snapdragon chip.

The device also has a unique feature that it can authenticate the wearer by sensing their heartbeat.

This is a significant shift in wearable technology and represents a new era of personal mobile computing.

The AI Pin Communicator by Humane has several innovative features:

  1. Design: The device is designed to be invisible, lighting up only when spoken to or tapped. It resembles a Star Trek-like communicator badge.
  2. Interactions: All interactions occur via your voice, interpreted in real-time by artificial intelligence.
  3. Projection: Although the device doesn’t have a screen, it’s capable of projecting text and images.
  4. AI Features: The device offers a voice assistant powered by generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to help you with various tasks.
  5. Privacy Indicator: The device has a privacy indicator called “Trust Light” that lights up when the device’s camera or microphone(s) are being accessed.
  6. Cellular Connectivity: The device requires a $24 per month subscription for full access to its various AI features and for cellular connectivity.
  7. Tasks: The device can perform tasks like scanning a packaged food item and checking its ingredients to tell if it contains anything that you are allergic to. It can also translate your speech from one language to another, and generate the audio in your voice and style.

This device represents a significant shift in wearable technology and ushers in a new era of personal mobile computing.

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