What No One Tells You: Data is the new Oil

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Data is the new oil

Modern world Data is the new Oil

One of the root causes of current inflation across the world is high oil prices, however, we tend to forget we are in the modern world where Data is also precious like oil.

In the future, the difference between a developed and developing country will be how well the data is managed and monetized.

  • Data analysis and manipulation, how the refined data is presented can control elections, economies, and Governments.
  • Charts can change the opinions of people.
  • Protecting the data of your family is more important, and making sure unnecessary images, and posts are not publicly available on the internet is a priority.

How you adjust your communication in this new world is an art in itself, for example sending emails, participating in online meetings, etc.

Theft of “Data” is part of the modern warfare of enemy states.

Artificial intelligence is being used to analyze and create new data for the sake of manipulation and monetization.

AI-based chatbots, personal assistants, and content writers are examples of how AI can eliminate some conventional jobs.

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Data is the new oil

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