Amber Portwood Worries Fans with Odd, Trippy Posts

Amber Portwood Worries Fans with Odd, Trippy Posts

By at Mar 09, 2023 • Category Amber Portwood
Now that she no longer has custody, Amber Portwood must visit James in California half of the time. The other time, he visits her.
This has taken a toll on her. It would on anyone, but Amber already had her struggles to begin with.
Her latest posts have people worried.
Fans are questioning her state of mind and more. And seeing the pattern of things that Amber has chosen to share, one can see why.

So, recently, Amber took to her Instagram Story to repost someone’s art. Not to worry — she included the artist’s name and account.

Ellen Vaman’s art depicts a creative and colorful interpretation of the human heart.
Here, the powerful and over-romanticized muscle almost appears to be made of coral. It’s beautiful.
Amber did not offer any context. And, on its own, that post is just a gorgeous piece of art.
Maybe that’s all that it was. Or maybe Amber was deep in her feelings.
But that was not her only post. And all together, her posts have fans talking.
Another post reads: “Confidence isn’t thinking you are better than everyone else, it’s realizing that you have no reason to compare yourself to anyone else.”
The quote is not original to Amber, but she clearly wanted to share.
Comparing yourself to others can be hazardous to your self esteem — and to how you view those people. But … what point is Amber trying to make?
And yet another post read: “I don’t get to tell people how to love me.” True! But it’s not over.
“I get to see how they love,” the quote explained, “and then choose if I wanna participate.”
Well, that’s fair enough, right? And that was not the end.
“Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes,” read yet another quote that Amber posted.
This time, she included a caption that reads “Better to see you with, my dear!” That is one of the wolf’s lines from Little Red Riding Hood.
She also asked “can you hear me” in the tags, and seemed — unless Instagram is deceiving us — to leave herself a pair of red heart emojis.
It is not difficult to imagine the jokes that people made. Some questioned Amber’s sobriety. From the multicolored art to the focus on her eyes, some wondered if she feels fascinated by certain visuals due to an altered state of consciousness. To be clear, we make no such claim.
Others wonder what she’s doing with her time and her platform.
Is she bored while not filming? Some critics think so. Others claimed that her pupils appeared to be dilated. And others just observed that some of her posts read like a 60-year-old’s rather than a Millennial’s. Yeah.
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