Enchant ChatGPT and Consciousness

ChatGPT vs Consciousness

There is a new tool in the market that provides answers based on artificial intelligence.

This tool is different from Google in the way providing answers to your searches.

chatGPT provides a likely conclusive answer based on the information it is learned from, however, google looks gives you a list of authoritative pages where you can find answers.

However, the answer looks authoritative but may not be accurate and meets your needs.

an example is asking for an answer to a software code problem and seeing the result, a novice developer thinks it is the correct answer, however, an experienced developer can find several faults, and the result cannot be used in production, so you still have to validate the answer.

so don’t worry human awareness and consciousness cannot be challenged.

Please see the below videos for getting a better understanding

Hard Problem of Consciousness


Please check the “Define consciousness

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