Anxious common man issues and questions

Anxious common man

  • How much money leaking towards unwanted expenses?
  • Is he a pawn in someone’s game, whether it is politics or businesses selling him unwanted things by showing him advertisements that subconsciously change your opinion? Surely this is so that he will behave like a robot and purchase the product?
  • In the modern world, keeping a track of passwords for different websites is really difficult for non-it people.
  • Unknown credit card payments suddenly appear in your statement and make you scratch your head.
  • How many are tax deductions and refunds?
  • Am I really buying healthy food from grocery stores?
  • What chemicals I am interacting with in my daily life, which could be harmful?
  • Is there a way to quickly know how much stress I am under today?
  • Are we suffering from too many choices everywhere?
  • How we can get rid of non-scientific knowledge and beliefs which can harm us?
  • Why is much of the wealth of humanity concentrated in 1% of people, is it really true?

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