Uncovered: Banking and Monetary system

Banking and Monetary system

Henry Ford once said, that if people understand the Banking and Monetary system, then there would be a revolution the next morning.

The good news is that 99% of people in the world do not know it, the 1% are super-rich people.

Let’s understand the basics of the Monetary System

Who controls all our money?

Money does not come from Government, Central Banks in each country are the source of money.

The central banks supply money to various other banks in each country, thus a banking system is regulated and controlled by central banks.

“Faith” is the word, on the basis of which money is printed.

When the Federal Reserve writes a check to the government or other banks, the Federal Reserve does not have any equivalent collateral with it, however when you write a check you will ensure sufficient balance in your account, now I believe you will feel weird.

What is “Recession

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