Benner Cycle Predicts 2023-2026, Bullish Market

Benner Cycle is a Market Cycle Theory

Samuel Benner was a farmer from the 1800s who wanted to understand how market cycles worked.

In 1875, he published a book forecasting business and commodity prices.

He identified years of panic, years of good times, and years of hard times.

if you look into his chart, there are major and minor cycles, as per the chart the period 2023-2026 is shown as a bullish period.

Please note the upper peaks of years 1927,1945,1981,1999,2019,2035,2053 are indicative of market downturns, which look come true to date.

Please note the lower peak years of 1924,1931,1942,1951,1958,1985,1996,2005,2012,2023,2032,2039,2050,2059 are indicative of a bullish period starting from this year for a few years till the upper peak of the minor cycle, for example, 2023-2026 indicates the bullish period, however, the downturn may start in 2026.

Samuel Benner Market Cycle prediction for 2023-2026 period

It has been claimed that the Benner cycle accurately predicted the ups and downs of the market for more than 100 plus years.

Even forecasting the great depression, WW2, the dot com bubble, and the COVID-19 pandemic market crash.

However, it’s important to note that while these cycles can provide some insight into potential market trends, they should not be used as the sole basis for investment decisions.

Always consider multiple factors and consult with a financial advisor before making investment decisions.