Christine Brown is Getting Dragged for the Silliest of Reason

Christine Brown is Getting Dragged for the Silliest of Reason

By at Jan 23, 2023, • Category Christine brown
Many Sister Wives fans are sounding a bit hypocritical these days.
After watching Season 17 of the TLC reality show, these viewers have been encouraging pretty much all the women to up and walk away from Kody Brown because the guy is a selfish and sexist loser.
Christine, Meri, and Janelle have now all done so, too.
Good for them, right?!?
Because these women are now starting anew, a couple of them have been open about needing to form their own revenue streams.
Again… good for them, right? Makes perfect sense, no?
And yet… Meri got dragged by critics last week for offering a retreat at her Utah bed and breakfast — and now some critics are also taking exception to Christine looking to pad her bank account via the Internet.
The Cooking With Just Christine star, you see, shared a video on Friday, January 20, in which she showed off the pretzel she made in a previous piece of Live footage.
“What will we cook together next?” Christine captioned the post, adding:
“Now when I say, ‘click the link below,’ what I really mean is click the ‘subscribe’ button in my profile.”
She’s being rather up-front about things, as you can tell.
Now that she’s single and responsible for her own rent and other expenses, Christine is trying to make some money by asking folks to pay for some cooking advice, recipes, etc.
The request has been met with some surprising backlash.
“I support you but cannot afford yet another subscription for $4.99,” one social media user commented, while another chimed in as follows:
“Sadly, it’s all about the money. The MLM grift too. I am shocked that i don’t see more comments about how opposite of healthy some of the foods are all the while promoting ‘the healthy drink.’

“Gluten is NOT a part of obtaining good health. Quite the opposite.”
Now, THAT is a very different type of criticism.

We’ve also given Christine flak for promoting a weight loss supplement that isn’t approved by the FDA and which is likely a load of BS.
Janelle is similar to the same type of grift.
It doesn’t seem right, however, to compare that company and that attempt by Christine to earn some cash with a basic subscription to cooking videos and tutorials.
You folks want her to be free from Kody, don’t you? Do you not want her to also be financially independent?!?
Christine, meanwhile, will always have her TLC paycheck to fall back on, as well.
Despite having moved to Utah, she recently assured followers that she isn’t going anywhere as far as filming is concerned.
As long as Sister Wives exists, Christine Brown will be part of the cast.
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