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Meet DeuxMoi:

the self-proclaimed “curators of pop culture” and the tabloid magazine’s replacement. If you haven’t heard of it, DeuxMoi is an Instagram account known for spilling all the stars’ hottest tea. The account’s owners are still anonymous yet rumored to be fashion designer Meggie Kempner and socialite granddaughter Melissa Lovallo. No matter their identity, they have become a trustworthy source for any and all celebrity gossip with over one million followers.
The account began in 2013 to promote a lifestyle and fashion brand. Everything changed seven years later during the beginning of quarantine in March 2020 when DeuxMoi asked their 45k followers for pop culture tea. People were stuck inside and bored, so gossip and drama were the perfect antidotes. As a result, the account blew up and now has over 1.6 million followers, a podcast, a book, and even an HBO series in the works.
DeuxMoi is known for its “blind items” anonymously submitted by its followers through Instagram direct messages or its online submission form. Posted to the account’s Instagram story as a screenshot, the content includes, but is not limited to, a couple of rumors, stories about celebrity behavior, new projects, and even the stars’ coffee orders. Most of the blind items hide the person in question through a code name, while other less serious accusations name the celebrity directly. Being the gatekeeper of such a high volume of gossip is a risky position to occupy, but DeuxMoi acknowledged it with their Instagram bio which says, “statements made on this account have not been independently confirmed. this account does not claim any information published is based in fact.”
In addition to its hot gossip items, DeuxMoi posts celebrity sightings and the places to be seen on its “Sunday Spotted” round-ups. From doctors to hairstylists to restaurants and hotels, DeuxMoi knows the hottest destinations. Whenever I wonder why, in 2022, people still care so much about celebrity culture, I remember the phrase “DeuxMoi made me do it.” It’s what followers write when attributing a meal, beauty product or fun night out to DeuxMoi and its posts. While many of its featured locations come with a hefty price tag and impossible-to-get reservations, DeuxMoi still lets its followers dine, shop and explore like the stars. DeuxMoi is the new way to be in the know, enabling everyone to feel like they’re included in the celebrity scene.
At its core, DeuxMoi represents a microcosm of internet culture. Whether or not its followers care about where the celebrities are spotted or what the gossip is, they do care about being a part of a community. Nowhere is this more evident than the account’s new series of posting individuals spotted in DeuxMoi merch — “Deuxmerch”. In addition to submitting Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest 20-year-old conquest, people are snapping pictures of DeuxMoi merch seen worn at the airport or at Trader Joe’s. Once the poster, DeuxMoi’s followers are now posted. It’s the way to say “Look at me, I know what’s happening, I have the inside scoop.” Sure, it’s cool to be famous — but in the world of DeuxMoi, it’s way cooler to be in the know.
Thanks to DeuxMoi, the everyday person is now paparazzi and every celebrity sighting is a story to tell. Society no longer needs to pay attention to the tabloid magazine in the grocery line to know what’s the hottest new restaurant or the latest celebrity couple. Anyone and everyone can share stories, saturating the media with gossip while also making seemingly unreachable echelons of society more accessible. For better or worse, DeuxMoi has democratized celebrity culture, and it’s here to stay.
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