Fearless Original thinkers

Original thinkers and procrastinators

Have you ever had a thought that hadn’t been thought of by another human before?

How can you think of original thoughts?

There is a possibility that procrastinators are innovative thinkers with original ideas.

Procrastination seems to give them enough time to develop original ideas in their minds.

Isn’t procrastinating synonymous with thinking?

Original-thinkers are proactive in thinking, then procrastinate until they improve on the original idea.

By delaying a task until the last minute, you are given a chance to think outside the box and get some fresh ideas.

To be original you need not be first. You can improve on the original and create a better product.

You may stumble upon a creative idea if you don’t fear incorrect ideas and instead express them.

The below video is an excellent presentation on the above topic.

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