FIFA 2022: Inspiring Saudi Arabia wins

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Football and FIFA 2022

Looks like Saudi Arabia won the FIFA 2022 Soccer/Football already!!

The signs of shifting of Football dominance to Asia are happening right now and will continue, one of the greatest upsets in football history happened, Saudi Arabia wins over Argentina, This is not an ordinary win, it lifted the souls of a lot of people in that geographical area.

This will trigger a wave of new football players who take a lot of confidence from this win and start building their learning and career with a lot of confidence.

This win gives hope and eliminates the mental doubt in the minds of future Asia players, that they can beat any team, provided training and health are taken care of.

Arguably the breaking news event in recent sports history, given the popularity of football worldwide.

Earlier a similar event happened when India won the cricket world cup in 1983, and next 20 years, India became a dominating country in the game of cricket.

FIFA 2022 FootBall

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