Pitch meeting: Recession-proof economy

The solution that gives us a recession-proof economy

Solution: Prices of Houses, Food, Health care, Essential products, and Energy should always be within a determined range, this has to be a law.

Governments of the world: This cannot be implemented as we have to allocate a lot of money to fight wars, security is more important than common man issues, and a recession-proof economy is not possible as we have to print more currency which causes inflation automatically.

Common Man: Ok!! let’s come together and decide on no war and we will reduce military and arms budgets to allocate the money for below

  • Education
  • Health care
  • Essential commodities price control
  • Energy Price Control.

Governments of the world: We cannot trust our enemy states, and we cannot stop developing new weapons, that will harm our security and friendly state’s security.

Common Man: How do we reduce the trust deficit?

Governments of the world: Trust is only possible when we control their governments either directly or indirectly, also we ensure other countries are in a recession so that they are busy with their problems.

Common Man: What is the solution for a recession-proof economy?

Governments of the World: We quarrel among ourselves till we achieve more trust, We will not pass any laws that are useful for the common man or we delay them with our internal fights, so you have to wait as you are a small pawn in the game.

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