Help yourself with Kaizen

Help yourself with Kaizen

Is a Japanese term for “Change for the better”

Need to improve yourself? Kaizen looks useful concept that suggests improving with daily small improvements.

Kaizen is often used in companies worldwide, however, we can adapt this to our personal lives to get some change in our personal lives for the better.

How to make it useful in our personal lives?

We often encounter questions or goals in our daily lives like the ones below.

  • Want to change to a better job in the future?
  • Want to buy a home in the near future?

Want to improve our physical health for the longer term?

All the above goals need to start with small baby steps and improve daily.

Make a checklist of items need to work on for the desired goal.

work on the action items daily and incrementally.

Check the progress

The Lifecycle is given below.

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