Evolving self

How our self is an Evolving self over the time

Suppose you visit a place that you left some 30 years ago. In your childhood, you lived in this area, and you may still know some people who lived there. We can estimate your age to be between 40 and 50 years old. However, the concept is the same, you are returning to a place where you previously stayed.

For most people this is nostalgia, however, you will notice a lot of things. There were changes to the place and people you lived with. Even though some places may not have changed over time, that is a distant scenario; however, people and their ways of life, behaviors, and attitudes change, which gives you the impression that either you don’t belong anymore or you’ve changed.

Why are we discussing all this?

Everyone’s self changes over time, and that’s the central concept here.

“Self” is a construct of your mind with a set of personality, attitudes, behavior, knowledge, etc.

We do not think about this seriously in our daily lives and you need not worry about it.

However the realization of the “evolving self” makes you look at life from a different perspective.

We do not have the same likes and dislikes over time. As you grow up and learn more life lessons, these will change.

As we grow older, we have a difficult time adjusting to ourselves, so talking about the “evolving self” becomes more relevant. How do we deal with this in the most effective way?

Below is an excellent presentation by “Shankar Vedantam” on this subject and the remedy suggested in three words given below.

  • A desire to learn about things and try new things.
  • Learn to be brave.
  • Humility is the key

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