Uncertain destiny?

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Destiny and free will

How many variables we are in control of to make us successful and lead a happy life?

We do not decide where to whom we are born.

Once we are born, till some age we are not conscious enough to make independent decisions.

By the time we are ready to make independent decisions, our brains acquire behaviors and habits from the surrounding environment, and through our upbringing.

Getting rid of the irrational beliefs, behaviors, and habits that might be causing limitations to lead a successful life is a challenge we go through in our lives.

How about the random unfortunate situations that we face in terms of Health, Accidents, and others?

Is there a meaning to all of this? can we reconcile all the above and arrive at a rational conclusion that everything is random?

If everything is random then the question is there a thing called destiny?

Believing in destiny is an escape mechanism our brain invents when we face unfortunate situations.

The concept of “Free Will”, makes us unique from others, because of it we behave differently because of the different configurations of our brains, and this dynamically alters the destiny of each individual.

“Free will” is the foundation on which law works, which means we assume an individual commits a crime by his free will and is thus liable to get punished, of course, there are caveats in the law that say if the individual committed the crime under the influence of substances or having a medical or psychological condition which triggered the behavior, then the individual gets acquitted or the punishment may reduce, also in self-defense.

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