Conscientious: Rational vs Irrational

Rational vs Irrational

I believe the activities we do in a day with the validation of a rational approach make our life more healthy and more productive.

If we divide our activities in the day like eating, working, sleeping, and doing other survival activities and activities for fun!!

Are we eating with a rational approach? I mean selecting the right choice of foods that promote our health and provide nutrition

Are we sleeping with enough physical activity for the day?

Are we doing work with enough concentration and productivity?

Looks like the modern way of life evolved to promote more dopamine or serotonin hormones. looks the answer is yes for this question and No for all the above questions when we try to be sincere, we know some people who are in sports and movies strive to do above and are successful, and maybe some people who are in corporate senior positions follow the strict rational regime, rest of us succumb to the tricks of our brain for more dopamine and serotonin.

Too much information on the internet to digest and follow, often too many choices, and makes us more irrational at times.

What is the best approach for healthy living? No simple answer…

Here are my thoughts

  1. Reduce the usage of mobile phones and computers.
  2. Ensure to sleep enough hours irrespective of our schedule.
  3. Eat when you are Hungry.
  4. Do not involve in social media unless it is really needed.
  5. Some physical activity.
  6. ask yourself daily the above questions, and maybe the brain starts accepting the truth.

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