Jaya Jaya He Telangana Controversy

The controversy surrounding “Jaya Jaya He Telangana” is about who gets to compose the official state song music.

  • “Jaya Jaya He Telangana” is written by Andesri
  • The song itself, “Jaya Jaya He Telangana,” is already popular and has been associated with the Telangana movement for years. It was even adopted by many organizations and schools in Telangana.
  • In February 2024, the Telangana government decided to officially adopt “Jaya Jaya He Telangana” as the state song.
  • However, there’s a disagreement about who should compose the official music for the state song.
  • Chief Minister Revanth Reddy requested famous composer MM Keeravani, who is not originally from Telangana, to create the music.
  • The Telangana Cine Musicians Association (TCMA) objected to this decision. They believe a Telangana-born musician should compose the song to honor the spirit of the Telangana movement and that there are talented local musicians who deserve the opportunity.

So, the debate is whether the music for the state song “Jaya Jaya He Telangana” should be composed by a famous non-Telangana musician or a Telangana musician to better represent the state’s identity.

The Telangana movement was a long and hard-fought battle for a separate state in India. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:


  • The movement has two parts:
    • An armed peasant revolt (1946-1951) led by the Communist Party of India against the Nizam of Hyderabad’s rule.
    • A decades-long demand for a separate state from Andhra Pradesh (1956 onwards).

Reasons for a Separate State:

  • People in Telangana felt the region wasn’t getting its fair share of resources and development compared to coastal Andhra.
  • They argued for more jobs, educational opportunities, and a fairer water distribution.
  • There were also cultural differences between Telangana and Andhra.

The Struggle:

  • The movement for a separate Telangana state lasted for nearly 50 years, making it one of the longest statehood movements in India.
  • There were periods of peaceful protests, student activism, and even violent clashes.
  • The Mulki agitations were a series of protests demanding jobs for locals (Mulki) after the merger with Andhra.


  • In 2014, after years of struggle, the central government carved out a new state called Telangana from Andhra Pradesh.
  • Hyderabad became the capital of the new state, though it serves as a joint capital for a limited time with Andhra Pradesh.
  • K. Chandrashekar Rao became the first Chief Minister of Telangana.

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