Simplified Money vs Currency

Money vs Currency

  • Money and Currency are the most important words in our whole life, however, do we know really the difference between them and their history?
  • Should be portable, durable, divisible, and interchangeable.
  • Is the medium through which values are expressed.
  • Currency is the money in circulation in the form of paper or coins.
  • Barter system to today’s modern economies, we came across a long journey, however, inflation was a regular phenomenon throughout world history.
  • The other words related to inflation are hyperinflation and deflation.
  • Inflation types can be demand-pull inflation, cost-push inflation, and built-in inflation.
  • Hyperinflation means an increase in prices rapidly because of printing too much money.
  • Deflation means a reduction in demand and supply and thus low economic activity.

Here below is a primer on the History of “Money”