Information explosion causing confusion

Information explosion

First came the printing press which helped information travel fast and spread across multiple societies, before that information used to travel by mouth to mouth and took a long time.

People might have thought the printing press was the ultimate weapon to spread knowledge and it did a wonderful job, then came the internet, and nobody realized except a few visionaries who became top entrepreneurs of the modern age, shall I list them here!! I know your mind is flashing the names in the background to you.

if you don’t know the names then you are one in a billion.

Why we are discussing this topic?

Is there a relationship between information and dopamine, this strange thought lingers on my mind, and information looks addictive like other addictive substances, I know again some of those flashing in your mind, I will not repeat.

How do I detoxify at the end of the day after digesting all kinds of information in the day via television, Computer, Smart Phone, etc…

Sometimes we feel directionless and get confused with all the more information we absorb.

What is the way out of this?

I believe some savvy tech entrepreneurs already thinking about this and trying to convert this into a business idea and earn from it.

Do we construct a virtual detoxifier, in which we spend some time and get relaxed with content that does not confuse us more?

I believe it is a good idea.

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