Mystery of Sleep

Mystery of sleep and dream

What is the difference between waking life and dreaming while in sleep?

The sleeping brain is active, doing something different than a brain in a wake-up state, which means it is preparing your brain and body to prepare for the next day, this looks like what common sense tells us.

Laws of physics do not apply to our dreams.

Sleep improves our performance in the day in terms of creativity in work and being more active.

Science says sleep is a complex phenomenon, so we will read it here

If you need help with sleep issues, then you need to consult a sleep specialist who can take a “polysomnogram

Why do we sleep?

Why do we dream?

Do these dreams indicate the upcoming future events in our life?

Lucid dreaming is where we know we are dreaming, with no clear explanation yet I believe.

Are dreams triggered in the brain to simulate real-life dangers that our brain perceives due to the experiences you have had in recent times, look yes and no.

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Mystery of Sleep

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