Middle class: Perspective

Who is the middle class?

This word we see most of the time in politics and financial market news, is there a definition for this word? Am I belong to the middle class? how can I move to another class which is higher than the middle class?

When in school probably we will know tentatively which class we belong to because of increased awareness of our parents’ social behavior and economic status.

After growing up, if we succeed in business or a career, we might move to the upper class or stay in the middle class, if failed then will move to the lower class.

In my view, the middle class is a group of people whose probability of going down or up to another class is higher based on economic conditions in the society or country or specific to a geographic location, the vulnerable class both in mind and economics.

The quality of our social relationships and the happiness we derive from them determines the class we are in, which means class is a relative term, the bottom line is the happiness we extract from our way of life is the key.

Now, this leads to the question what is happiness?