Quick-start what is Null, Zero, Infinity, and Void

Null, Zero, Infinity, and Void

If you are into computers and software programming, I bet you heard about Null and Void.

Zero and Infinity we study in school mathematics.

What is the difference between Null and Void?

  • Null comes from the Latin nullus, “not any, none,” and Void from the word vocivus, “unoccupied, vacant.”
  • Null means never existed, and Void means it existed but has been made such that it is not in effect.
  • In programming, the void is a type of object that does not return a variable. And a void pointer points to a memory location that does not contain any specific data type.
  • A null pointer means it is not pointing anywhere.
  • In legal contracts, you may see Null and Void which means the contract is deemed to not have legal standing and does not exist.

What is the difference between Null and Zero?

Null means no value and Zero is a value.

What is the difference between Zero and Void?

Zero is a value, and void means empty or containing nothing or not occupied.

Infinity any way we know is unknown, hence things added or multiplied or divided result in infinity again.

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Null and void
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