What No One Tells You Significant events in History

What No One Tells You India’s recent historic significant event

If we analyze the world population per continent, it is always Asia got more numbers all the time.

Why Asia had higher population numbers? the answer is weather and then culture which helped in the re-production of humans.

If we take the time sample as last 2000 years. except for the last 200 years, why have Asian economies performed better compared to European and North American south American economies?

The answer is again Weather, population, culture, and trade relationships.

The industrial revolution made western economies earn more money worldwide with the help of selling arms, engineering, airplanes, etc.

Why we are discussing this?

Somehow Asian history except for Egypt’s pharaohs is not known worldwide.

Here below is one such event which led to England ruling India for more than 200 years and becoming a rich country, as mentioned in the below article

When Clive’s East India Company defeated the Nawab of Bengal in 1757, there was no single power ruling over all of India. This is a significant departure from what happened in reality, which was that Britain imposed one united government on India

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What No one tells you East India Company
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