Science Breakthrough Highlights 2023-2024

Here are a few science breakthrough highlights from 2023 and even some early reports from 2024:

There’s been a lot of exciting progress in science recently!

  • AI advances weather prediction: Artificial intelligence has gotten so good at crunching weather data that it can now predict weather patterns as well as traditional weather services [ScienceAdviser].
  • Transplant hope: Big strides are being made in organ transplantation. Researchers successfully froze rat kidneys for 100 days before transplanting them, and pig-to-monkey kidney transplants are showing promise with extended survival times [PBS NewsHour].
  • Fusion breakthrough: Scientists are getting closer to achieving nuclear fusion, a potential future energy source. A facility in California has managed to produce slightly more energy than it used in a fusion reaction, a promising development [PBS NewsHour].

If you’re interested in the latest cutting-edge research, here are some places to look for recent science breakthroughs:

  • ScienceDaily: This website is a great resource for keeping up with current scientific news, including recent breakthroughs [].
  • The American Chemical Society website has a section on top scientific breakthroughs and emerging trends, including some predictions for 2024 [].

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YANG Zijie, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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