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Singham-3 Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone will be playing the role of Lady Singham-3

Singham-3 The upcoming third installment of the Singham franchise. The film, directed by Rohit Shetty, is scheduled to be released on August 15, 2024.

Padukone’s casting was announced in April 2023, and she has since been training in martial arts and firearms for the role. She will be the first female lead in a Singham film.

The film is said to be set in Mumbai and will feature a story about a gang of criminals who are terrorizing the city. Padukone’s character is a tough and fearless police officer who will be tasked with bringing them to justice.

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Padukone is a popular and successful actress in Bollywood, and her casting in Singham 3 is seen as a major coup for the film. She is expected to bring a lot of star power and excitement to the project.

Here are some details about Deepika Padukone’s character in Singham 3:

  • Her name is Durga.
  • She is a police officer in Mumbai.
  • She is tough and fearless.
  • She is tasked with bringing a gang of criminals to justice.

Padukone’s casting in Singham 3 is a major milestone for the Bollywood film industry. It is the first time that a female lead will be featured in a Singham film, and it is a sign of the growing empowerment of women in Indian cinema.

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