Slack AI unleashing New features


Slack’s new AI feature is called Slack AI.

It is a set of AI-powered capabilities that are built directly into Slack. These capabilities include:

  • Channel recaps: This feature provides key highlights of content and discussions within Slack channels. It can be used to quickly catch up on missed conversations or to get a general overview of what is happening in a channel.
  • Thread summaries: This feature provides a one-click summary of a thread. It can be used to quickly get the gist of a conversation without having to read through all of the messages.
  • Search answers: This feature returns related messages, files, channels, and an AI-generated summary in response to a user’s question. It can be used to find information quickly and easily.

Looks it is currently in a limited pilot program. It is expected to be rolled out to all users in the coming months.

Here are some examples of how Slack AI can be used:

  • A team leader can use channel recaps to quickly catch up on missed conversations in a project channel.
  • A customer service representative can use thread summaries to get the gist of a conversation with a customer.
  • A researcher can use search answers to find information on a specific topic.

This can be a powerful tool that can help users save time and be more productive. It is still under development, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way we use Slack.

In addition to the features mentioned above, It also includes a new tool called Slack Lists. Which is a project management tool that allows users to track, manage, and triage work. It can be used to assign owners to tasks, update status, and discuss task details all in one place.

It is a significant step forward for Slack. It is the company’s most ambitious AI initiative to date, and it has the potential to make a more powerful and efficient tool for teams.

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