Success paradox do you believe in luck?

Do you believe in luck? what about the success paradox?

What do successful people say about luck?

Their work ethic, commitment, and perseverance may explain their success.

Unsuccessful people may say they are not lucky enough. However, if you google about unsuccessful people you will get results for successful people who had many failures. However, we don’t remember unsuccessful people. Even though they had done all the laborious work, that’s ironic.

Are both the above statements true?

Common sense says if you are born into poverty, the chance of getting successful in life is less.

That’s why the government provides unemployment benefits and other allowances for the poor.

In times of illness, wealth and success are seen as inferior options.

Because we can’t control the circumstances leading to our success, you should be lucky enough to get the right circumstances that provide you with an opportunity to succeed.

To define success in a philosophical sense, one can say that it is about a person’s expectations.

With real examples, this video explains the success paradox.

Success paradox
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