Supersonic aircraft: Melbourne to LA 8.5 hours!

A new supersonic aircraft called Overture, which is being developed by Boom

It is expected to be able to fly from Melbourne to Los Angeles in just 8.5 hours.

Overture is still in development, but it is expected to start flying passengers within six years.

The current record for flying from Melbourne to Los Angeles is 11 hours and 51 minutes, set by a private jet in 2019, However, this flight did not follow commercial flight regulations, which require planes to fly at slower speeds over populated areas.

So, if you are looking to fly from Melbourne to Los Angeles in 8.5 hours, you will need to wait until Overture starts flying passengers. In the meantime, the fastest commercial flight option is about 14 hours.

NASA’s supersonic hydrogen jet is called the X-59 QueSST.

It is still in development, but it is designed to fly at speeds of up to Mach 1.7, which is about twice the speed of sound.

The X-59 is powered by two supersonic combustion ramjet engines, which will be fueled by liquid hydrogen.

The X-59 is designed to be much quieter than previous supersonic aircraft, such as the Concorde. This is because it has a unique design that reduces the amount of sonic boom produced. The X-59 is expected to make its first flight in 2024, and it could be flying passengers by the early 2030s.
The X-59 is part of NASA’s Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST) program. The goal of this program is to develop a supersonic aircraft that can fly over land without creating a disruptive sonic boom. If the X-59 is successful, it could pave the way for a new generation of supersonic passenger jets.

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