Pakistan’s Hidden Wealth in London

Pakistan: Uncovering Politicians’ and Bureaucrats’ Stashes

Pakistan is a country that is grappling with corruption at all levels. The recent scandal of hidden wealth in London has once again brought to light the extent of corruption in the country. According to a report by the British newspaper, The Guardian, over 44 politicians and bureaucrats of Pakistan are owning properties worth millions of dollars in London. The shocking revelations have sparked a debate and the international community, raising questions about the sources of these politicians’ and bureaucrats’ wealth.

Pakistan’s Secret London Assets: Revealing Politicians’ Hidden Wealth

The Guardian’s report has exposed the staggering amount of wealth that politicians have managed to acquire in London. The report reveals that the properties owned by politicians in London are worth more than £1.2bn. The politicians include former prime ministers, ministers, and members of parliament. The report highlights that most of these assets have been acquired through money laundering and other illegal means.

The report further states that the properties are often registered in the names of close family members, making it difficult to trace the real owners. It is not just the politicians who are involved in this scandal; their families and close associates also own properties in London. These revelations have once again highlighted the corruption and lack of transparency in Pakistan’s political system.

Bureaucrats’ Stashes in London: Uncovering Pakistan’s Hidden Wealth

The Guardian’s report has also exposed the extent of wealth that bureaucrats have managed to stash away in London. According to the report, Pakistani bureaucrats own properties worth more than £170m in London. The bureaucrats include high-ranking officials from the civil service, police, and intelligence agencies.

The report highlights that most of these bureaucrats have acquired these properties through illegal means, such as bribery and embezzlement. The properties are often registered in the names of their family members or close associates, making it difficult to trace the real owners. The revelations have once again exposed the corruption and lack of accountability in Pakistan’s bureaucracy.

The scandal of hidden wealth in London has exposed the extent of corruption at all levels in Pakistan. The revelations have raised questions about the sources of these politicians’ and bureaucrats’ wealth and the lack of transparency in political and bureaucratic systems. It is high time that the Pakistani government takes concrete steps to curb corruption and ensure accountability. The international community should also play its role in pressuring the government to take action against corruption.

New Revelations Pandora papers

New Revelations Pandora papers

News is coming out from various sources informing about the latest release of “Pandora papers”.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists aka ICIJ is working on finding offshore finance for rich people from various countries.

These investigations are popular political tools for opposition parties in different countries. this will help you to know politics is a rewarding business for some people.

It looks like Lebanon is the top country who is having more people in this latest list of revelations, also Britain and some other countries.

Please note that in some countries holding offshore properties and finances is legal.

We are sure you will hear more on this subject in the coming days.

There are 12 million confidential documents, called Pandora papers.

At the end of the day, we have some good news, we have another measurement to prove inequality in the world.

For the common man, it is another piece of the news article and worth a topic to crib about politicians and rich people, hope some result will come out of this to help reduce inequality in the world.

With respect to offshore financing, please understand it is your own tax money or money illegally acquired by exploiting the natural resources of a country and getting moved out of the country. Maybe some of it is legally earned and is legal in countries but the most affected are the poor and developing countries where democracy is in the childhood stage and takes time to evolve.

Hope ICIJ gets the Nobel Prize for economics for the worth of what it is for.

Please see additional references.

please check “Natural Experiments Nobel Prize Economy