What makes you unhappy

What makes you unhappy?

The following habits or behaviors make us unhappy, people who think they are unhappy will relate to a few of the below-mentioned items.

By not taking care of yourself, like your physical health, fitness, diet, sleep, etc…

Trying to control everything in the world or surrounding family and friends beyond a threshold.

Trying to please everyone all the time, we regularly fall into this trap and realize that it is not possible.

Neglecting personal relationships, Do not neglect your friends and personal relationships, keep in touch with your friends and relatives.

Surround yourself with negative people, identification is difficult, however, you can sense people who are most of the time, talking only negatively most of the time, trying to manipulate, and keep your distance from these kinds of people.

Not trying to be happy by doing things that you like, at least sometime in the day, what it means is you need time for yourself.

Overthinking or Worry, if you are doing this too much, then you need professional help, keep a photo frame of self-suggestion in your living room and other places with the below quote.

Don’t worry be Happy!!

Spending too much time on social media.

Trying to be a perfectionist, Everything in this world is not perfect, so trying to see everything as perfect is not practical.

Not reading good books and philosophy, is an important habit we should have to gain insight into the world and get more awareness.

Spending Money in a wasteful manner, not saving enough.

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Ultimate feeling that gives more happiness

What is the Ultimate feeling that gives more happiness

We go through different feelings and emotions in our day-to-day lives, and more often we are not self-aware of the emotional state we are in, we go through the flow.

There is a natural feeling of “witness” in our minds when we are self-aware.

The Witness state is neutral, and the Mind passes through emotions, and the Witness watches them. This can be noticed when we come out of a dream in the early morning as though we are watching a dream-like movie.

Is the witness state the right state of being in? It seems that way, however, being in that state all the time is not possible.

As such, whatever emotion we experience is part of our experience. There is no specific higher value we can assign to any emotion since no emotion is static all the time and happiness follows with something else, In reality, we are more like witnesses, while the brain perceives emotions, however, staying more often in the witness state can make you calmer and emotionally balanced and thus this can be a state which is more than the state of happiness.

Is the “witness” state generated by the brain or by a more complex process? Nobody knows yet!

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