Interest rates: Uncontrollable Mortgage rates

Interest rates

Highest Interest rates in coming years?

What was the highest mortgage interest rate recorded in recent years? Looks like somewhere during the ’80s interest rates climbed up to 16%. Can you imagine the same in the coming years? Yes or No

Looks like homeowners who want to sell their homes are locked in. They cannot sell their homes at the estimated selling price, and they have no idea how they will manage if they have to move to a completely different city. They are in a lot of pain and stress right now.

Why do we need to endure inflation cycles?

Is it the common man’s destiny? Written by governments and central banks.

Wake up, common man!! Make sure you prepare your children for the next cycle of inflation that might follow this one. Raise awareness, and make plans in advance.

Now you will ask me what is the most effective method. You will know the bubble is growing and you shouldn’t buy that kind of asset or invest in that; if you are doing it, you should prepare for the risk upfront.

We know that this pain will go away after some time and our behavior is conditioned to Mortgage rates. Therefore, we forget about all this and then get back into our usual way of life, forgetting everything. However, this should be kept in mind for future years as this will repeat again.

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