Which movie is better, OMG 1 or OMG 2?

omg 2 and omg 1

  • OMG 2 is set in the present day, while OMG 1 is set in the 2000s. This difference in setting is reflected in the films’ respective casts. OMG1 stars Akshay Kumar as a modern-day businessman who is challenged by a group of Hindu priests. stars Akshay Kumar as Krishna Vasudev Yadav who claims to be a real estate agent from Gokul,Uttar Pradesh.
  • OMG 1 is a more lighthearted film, while OMG 2 better wait till release. OMG1 features a number of comedic scenes, such as the scene where the Kanthilal character is chased by a group of people. OMG2, on the other hand, it looks is a film that deals with the themes of the over-commercialization of religion, and the need to embrace scientific knowledge over blind faith.
  • OMG 1 has a more traditional Bollywood ending, while OMG 2 better wait rather than speculate The ending of OMG1 is a happy one, with Kanthilal’s character finding peace and happiness.

Overall, it is expected that OMG1 and OMG2 are two very different films. OMG 1 is a lighthearted comedy that deals with religious themes,

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