Why some times elections are unbelievable?

Surprising elections and results

Democracy shows its most surprising face when society becomes more diverse and educated.

Diversity of opinion manifests more in a multicultural society. However, our tribal genes still influence our behavior. As a result, we may favor group beliefs more often than individual beliefs.

Cognitive science helps us arrive at a more favorable outcome for a candidate provided the marketing team succeeds in pitching suitable ads that trigger our tribal genes.

Even advanced cognitive science techniques sometimes fail to understand the human mind and its various ways of thinking.

When you divide society into three sections such as the poor, middle, and upper classes, the middle class usually dominates; therefore, if politicians target the middle class for an election manifesto that pleases them, there is a greater chance of winning.

However in some countries, the poor will be the majority, where dictatorship disguised as democratic leadership is common. Poverty is easy to manipulate for favorable election outcomes.

Understanding who is middle class is difficult. It is possible for one to think of himself as middle class even if he’s in the upper class based on economic status. This makes it difficult for political scientists to predict.

This video discusses the cognitive biases we may have, which will make us think favorably of a specific party.

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