Enjoy Diwali with Popular Rangoli designs

Rangoli Designs Flower_rangoli_in_diwali

Here are some of the most popular Rangoli designs:

  • Peacock Rangoli: The peacock is a symbol of beauty and prosperity in Indian culture. Peacock rangoli designs are often intricate and colorful, and they can be made to look like real peacocks.
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  • Ganesh Rangoli: Ganesh is the Hindu god of beginnings and remover of obstacles. Ganesh designs are often made at the entrance of homes and businesses to bring good luck.
  • Flower Rangoli: Flower designs are some of the most popular and versatile rangoli designs. They can be made in a variety of colors and sizes, and they can be used to celebrate any occasion.
  • Diya Rangoli: Diyas are small oil lamps that are used to celebrate festivals and special occasions in India. Diya is often made around diyas to add to the festive atmosphere.
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  • Bird Rangoli: Bird rangoli are popular in South India. They are often made to celebrate the arrival of spring and new beginnings.
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  • Border Rangoli: Border rangoli are often used to frame other rangoli designs. They can be made in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Dot Rangoli: Dot rangoli are made using dots of color. They are often very intricate and challenging to make.
  • Freehand Rangoli: Freehand rangoli are made without the use of a stencil or grid. They are often more personal and expressive than other types of rangoli.
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  • Contemporary Rangoli: Contemporary rangoli designs are often made with modern materials and techniques, such as acrylic paint and glitter. They can be more abstract and experimental than traditional rangoli designs.
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No matter what your skill level or taste, there is a rangoli design out there for you. So get creative and start making your own beautiful rangoli designs!

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