Find your purpose in life

Find your purpose in life

The question “Find your purpose in life” occurs to both rich and poor people, maybe more if you are poor.

If we get an answer to this question at an earlier stage of our life, it may lead to a successful career or more happiness in life unless we encounter unfortunate situations in life.

To the best of my knowledge, this question is encountered at a later stage of their life by most people, till then life goes through like a dream and suddenly one fine day this question pops up in our mind.

we often don’t reflect on our past and future in a deeper sense, it is perfectly normal.

However, leaders and revolutionaries will have a strong will to identify themselves for a cause and make it a purpose of life, this includes scientists and entrepreneurs, Sports, and various leaders in other fields.

Even if we think and analyze after finding a purpose, the risk of not disturbing current life to achieve this purpose is tough to calculate.

This leads to how much risk we are willing to take, which should be accommodated by your support environment and surrounding environment.

Will, Risk, Knowledge, Luck, hard work, and Attitude are the factors that control the answer to the question of “Finding the purpose in life”

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