How Money became important

    How Money became important

    How Money became important

    It is well known that in the modern world “Money makes or breaks your life”

    When did Money start appearing in human civilization?

    Before Money what is the way humans followed to get wages or profit from their services or products?

    it is the agricultural produce or cattle or ceramic pottery or gemstones or gold, or some base metal, etc …

    It will be really difficult to arrive at a specific year or date.

    Coming the period of the last 5000 years.

    The Harappa civilization which is 5000 years old seems to have used seals as coins, however, there is no confirmation available.

    Here below interesting article describes the chronology of the oldest coins.

    as Agriculture developed and trade routes evolved and the human population increased, the trade between various kingdoms and civilizations started happening, the kingdoms and empires started collecting taxes from people.

    Till today we can see the ancient bartering model followed in some communities in Africa, South America, and other parts of the world.

    Now coming to the point How does money become important? the answer lies in the fundamental nature of humans about protecting the future by accumulating wealth for future needs and this helped in moving ahead in the social hierarchy and motivated further to earn money or accumulate wealth.

    The ancient silk route was one of the pillars of the world economy in ancient times, facilitating trade between Africa, Asia, Europe, and a few other countries.

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