Superstitions in Cultures

Superstitions in Cultures

Here below are common superstitions in America that are also in other countries.

Breaking Mirror: Looks Many Americans believe that breaking a mirror is inauspicious, to the best of my knowledge it is also the same in India, one of the fear is “You will not get married for the next seven years bringing bad luck to you”

“Coyote Howling” in the mountains is considered as a kind of unlucky, this you will see in Asian cultures too, where the howling of wolves is shown in movies as the pre-cursor for bad luck or appearing of a villain.

Bad things or news can happen in a group of three.

666 is considered an unlucky number or the number of the beast.

Itchy palm is considered as the desire for money or greed, it is the same line used in some parts of Asia.

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Walking under a ladder is considered as bad luck, this looks rational as walking under a ladder is risky and you may get hurt.

The most unfortunate thing is about black cats crossing your path considered bad luck, not sure what is the root cause of this, however, the fear of predators in ancient times carries forward this superstition.

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