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Any discussion contains both optimistic and pessimistic viewpoints.
There are people who yell at you when you present a pessimistic opinion as if you have ruined everything.
Does optimism always win? Does it make you more successful and safe every time?
It is the pessimistic view that drives the world economy, not the optimistic view. Even at a granular level, a small family’s finances.
Here are some examples for eternal optimists who don’t believe this.

As we earn money, a portion of it will be paid to insurance companies that profit from pessimistic perspectives on the world.

In the case of mortgages and other loans we take, the EMI is calculated based on the loan’s risk profile.

Fuel prices, which are calculated by factoring in future supply and demand risks, are a classic example.

All the above look rational, however fundamentally points towards an approach where “what if” thought is embedded in the calculations.

However, thinking pessimistically about everything definitely should be avoided, however, enough pessimism is needed for daily life.

Master Class Financial Future Here are some thoughts from “Warren Buffett

  1. Do not accrue credit card debt.
  2. Save for yourself some amount whenever you earn some money.
  3. Luck is a factor in life, whether you agree or not.
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