Rashmika Mandanna victim of DeepFake video

DeepFake videos and their impact

The dangers of artificial intelligence are showing their effects already, one of the dangers of AI is the ability to create deep fake videos of celebrities and cause damage to their reputation and integrity.

Unfortunately, law and regulatory bodies have yet to catch up with these new technologies, social media platforms have a great responsibility in preventing the circulation of these kinds of videos, however, it is a tough task.

let’s hope in the coming days we get new developments to prevent deepfake videos.

Video editing software and corresponding technologies need to be monitored via an established framework of protocols to authenticate the video before it is getting circulated.

Unfortunately the “Devil is in detail”, that in the age of the internet with the widespread use of technologies, we created a complex spider-web in which we are getting impacted.

even if you discuss this topic in technical terms on a public platform helps criminals to gain more knowledge on this that’s the kind of situation we are in.

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