Enigmatic Proton

Proton AI image not the real image

Proton and its inner details

Complex physics is a difficult proposition for the common man, and understanding the technical terminology and mathematics behind it requires lifetime study or extra intelligence and hard work.

Here are some interesting observations from a complex article on the subject

“Experiment forces us to see it in a concrete form”, otherwise, you will see it only as a mathematical probability on paper, now this statement itself is difficult to understand for most people in the world.

When colliding with electrons at high speed, the proton looks like a cloud of Gluons.

When colliding with electrons at low speed, the proton presents itself as a combination of three quarks, however, a proton contains quarks, gluons to the best of my knowledge derived from the internet.

What is the moral of the story?

Every time the proton is investigated further, we are finding more information and different observations through different experiments, does it mean the universe is a flux of particles and the dynamic interactions of these particles are what we see as a physical world and there is no one theory to make a sense out of it? and that is the reason we are not able to control inflation?